Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Film Information Sources

I think most everyone in History 4004 has been able to find information on the top-grossing films for the year of their "Zeitgeist paper" even if the Variety-on-microfilm did not work out quite as we planned. (Isaac and I still plan to complete the 1960s). But here are some other resources:
  • Marilyn from our class found a site called Stats-A-Mania that has yearly top box-office lists back to 1960. It's not clear how complete these are or what they are based on.
  • Check the year index on Internet Movie Database. You can then get a list of films released in a certain year that you can order in various ways, though not by box office receipts, and click the "Box Office/Business" link to confirm how much money the film it brought in. Most of the time.
  • Check the World Almanac and Book of Facts. The MU library has it back to 1923, and if you the check 1-2 years after your target year, you may be able to pick up some information. I plan on trying this myself soon, but it is always nice not to have do everything.
The Variety lists remain the best source because they tell you how much money movies made in that year, no matter when they were actually released.

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